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THE BELLY Group tackles Obesity in Warunga . .

This is the question bedeviling the community of Warunga as it identifies a Suburban population with an obesity problem which makes SMOKING an active past-time. High 70’s is the good-mail, as an average percentage of the postcode doing it FAT – while a dedicated group called “THE BELLY” gather muster to tackle things front-on. THE […]

free MONOXIDE DETECTOR roll-out . .

is the question which has become number 1 for citizens of a precinct known as ” SLAVES-WAY-PROPER” in Melbourne’s EAST. A reputable survey found 61% of all registered voters in the GRID – suggested carbon monoxide is the first thing they think of in the morning before breakfast. Ribald Donmore – running for shire mayor […]

Dirty Bird – the Roll-Out

A national online petition will “kick-off” in coming days asking parents whose children are obese – “to reject the Australian roll-out of DIRTY BIRD”. The PANIC IS ON – Dirty Bird the brainchild of an Indian conglomerate specialises in delivering high cholesterole chicken to the masses using old oil and a frying technique which has […]

Everything smells like garlic

Today citizens of Adelaide exiting a restaurant precinct were stopped from proceeding to their vehicles and modes of departure, by authorities who were responding to mountains of smoke surging upwards from the bowels of the city. Mainstream and independent media were congregating on mass as the ability to see was fast fading. The city-folk were […]