THE BELLY Group tackles Obesity in Warunga . .

This is the question bedeviling the community of Warunga as it identifies a Suburban population with an obesity problem which makes SMOKING an active past-time.

High 70’s is the good-mail, as an average percentage of the postcode doing it FAT – while a dedicated group called “THE BELLY” gather muster to tackle things front-on.

THE BELLY have focused their attention on alcohol abuse as a study – due to one protagonist losing their home upon defaming a FAST FOOD CONCERN.

Results-in point to a population-wide increase in extreme sugar levels as people can’t afford to leave their homes and the fridge becomes the relationship they never had.

In a backward move the COUNCIL has restricted THE RIP VAN WINKLE of RUNNING-FOR-LIFE from setting up an activity school here in the suburb. Some sources are saying it is an INSURANCE company directive which maintains – RUNNING might bring-on multiple heart attacks across the district.


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