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A New Suburb called “BLURT”

Blurt was new – it had taken 4 yrs and sucked all the fracking royalties from the Chinchilla community – but finally the grand opening would mark a turning point. A standin dignitary  – Frank Lavine was preparing his welcoming speech. BLURT had been signed off by a rabid council who had heard one “child […]

Car jacking payback in south east

Found blue behind the wheel of his car – a man in Melbourne’s South East had a kilo of corn-chips stuffed into his mouth and gaffa tape wrapped from forehead to chin when found in a take-away parking lot 24 hours after being deceased. Authorities – scratching their heads that a day of hamburger – […]

#JOBSUCKER : Family Horror in Green Arces

The band was down in Sydney receiving the Greenarces Gringo – that suburbs special award for contributions to the arts, when the horrifying news struck. Alan ‘the KROC’ LYON who was down in Greenarce to be inducted for a lifetime of achievement on the reeds, later said he commended Ken’s quick thinking. A member of […]