Properties in Sydney’s elite Balmain now uninsurable under the weight of unrelenting rain.

The Spectator sent senior investigator Kevin down to talk to a number of smug baby boomer residents about foundation subsidence.

Sergio Revista – a retired meatball importer, told us his $10 million riverside bungalow was in danger of lurching into the river with sodden foundations and an arcane drainage system. A negligent council was the catchcry.

At that point a cabal of Balmainians wearing expensive hippy outfits descended on the interview process – seeking to voice similar concerns.

Further to that Sergio is on the record – saying he effected a sly recording of his insurance assessor discussing climatic criteria on an upstream phone call.

According to Sergio – Insurance company futuristics envisage Balmain becoming an island with no exit or entry without a helicopter.

The collective advanced the premise that climate change was now affecting the lives of average homeowners by undermining the family asset. 

Before Kevin could frame his next question Sergio explained the resin pumping process. “The walkin robe which houses my leather shoe collection will be the first to go – so I rang for resin after the insurer rejected the $3m foundation quotes,” said Sergio.

His wife stood in silence.

Sergio continued, ”They over pumped the resin and now the snooker room is on an angle and Tuesday night games have been relocated. All I can say is that Climate change is a real inconvenience and certainly a blight for those of us doing it tough.”


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