Toowong Garden show breaks attendance records.

The TOOWONG GARDEN SHOW has pulled off another stunning victory. An assembled cadre of top judges have granted master status to a riveting entry in the Mt.Coo-tha precinct on the eve of historic attendance to the event.

The ultimate prize was awarded despite a tied-up puppy in an adjacent property going spare and barking down the place as the final judging was taking place. Fiona Dupre a distinguished head-of-panel could not contain her excitement with the entry – stating it is rare for anyone in Brisbane to get the colour and balance afforded by this Toowong entry.

Interviewing the proud owners revealed a life-long ambition to grow. Terrance Long and partner Kennith said the magic ingredient had been the discovery of a skull 24 years ago just beneath the soil surface. This they believe had been a good luck charm by engendering a range of complex phosphates.

Sarah Upsell who we had covering this story was overcome with a sense of foul-play – then the call was made.

Tragically Kennith was lost to a grotesque set of events as a Police investigation team brought earth movers in. As the garden was UPROOTED – Kennith gambled and lost when he tied himself to the HILLS HOIST. Kevin who was driving the drott had decided the hoist was going home with him the minute he saw it.


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