3 dAYTIME Drinkers defy WORK ORDERS

Nestled squarely into the Newstead-end of Fortitude Valley – these 3 drinkers were ardent about their right to get-pissed during the day.

As we approached the interview from the southern end of the street we saw – the larger of the 3 antagonists was confronting a rock-n-roll bottom-feeder. Apparently he had a foot up on his Toyota tyre doing up a shoe-lace. As the turbulence subsided we proceeded to a bar-shelf.

The theme was commonplace – 3 gringos – 3 RDO’s – 3 smsed requests to return to work due to staff shortages – 3 potential OVERTIME TAX RATES – 3 pissed off WORKPLACE managers THREATENING job-security and a pissed off music-crew-bottom-feeder.

The arguments were commonplace yet again. A low skilled task driven economy biting at the heels of workers with the COST-OF-LIVING and LOW HOURLY RATES turning homes into SAD-SACKS as the great unwashed ramp-UP alcohol intake to compensate.

At the refusal to return for high-tax-overtime these Gringos had been threatened by employer lawyers talking “liquidated damages” – a new low in the fight against workers rights. These gringos spoke openly about hatching a plan but played-it-greasy on content.

The plan is text book conspiracy and would serve has a handbrake on the EROSION OF WORKER ENTITLEMENTS throughout the country – was the BOLD-CLAIM.

STAY TUNED as THE FIZZA brings you an exclusive on the post-ideological struggle encapsulated in THE GRINGO PLAN over the coming weeks.

What we can tell subscribers is – it’s a plan better in design than entrapping executives involved in LARGESSE in a net and having them stowed-in a North Korean container ship.


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