Serial Spenders killing the Economy . .

AND STEALING THE HOPES of further generations as household debt cripples economic prospects – as some householders, can’t in a medical way – stop rushing into BUY.

The phenomena has authorities gagging as ” a desire to spend” is essential to a lubricated system but where is the money going as there is less-n-less to go around?

At the FIZZA we needed to know so we went after 3 serial-shoppers working the greater Brisbane area – 3 individuals whose details had arrived by email from concerned family members – some unable to talk.

2 had fled to the Gold Coast where unanimity is easily protected – the other we located on the outskirts of the Western Suburbans almost by accident as she chicane-ed her way out of Harvey Norman.

Undetected we followed the rampant spender going “APE” for 3 days – she appeared not to be going home – perhaps she had spent her home – our reviewer was forced to stay at Best Western to stay on the bewildering trail.

Our goal was to calculate THE SPEND and the ORIGINS OF PRODUCT MANUFACTURE to work out the level of economic undermining. The evidence was stultifying as it mounted.

As we poured over the photos in editorial – this woman had spent the equivalent of 6 months in the West Indies in a little under 3 days and 3 nights. The products were all foreign produced – the tangled-web of corporations owning the retail departments were all foreign – the cars in the car-park were all foreign and the camera we were taking the photos with was foreign along with every bit of technology being used by our staff . . . and as i reached for the neurofin so i could mask my tribulations i glanced at the packaging trademark . .

we knew we had a trade imbalance.