Electric Car driver bashed by YOBS

Known to his friends as ” screw-driver” – Gary from Greensborough had worked 3 jobs – some tax-free in order to achieve his dream of a TESLA p100.

He took delivery on a day when the sun was shining and his spirit was bold when he gave “THE FORKS” to 5 7/11’s as he glided the Port Phillip Bay Rd.

He entered a hemmed-in shopping strip – one where kebad’s were the major nutritional source – above shop rental flats – a train-line running parallel and a demographic of uncertain tattoo-ed k-numb-nuts, circling on foot and in cars. As he powered down to the lights it looked like a car-load of skin-and-bone ice-users had his measure.

His P100 was good for 60 miles a hour in less than 3 secs and he took it to the brink – the road behind was clear as he sailed into a curious greenbelt – one which existed between congested centres. The feeling of EXHAUST-FREE was overtaking his senses when from within a split second a car pol-ax-ed the TESLA with a man-oeuvre learnt in the back-blocks of somewhere.

GA-GA he saw the skin associated with an elbow and some terrible body-ink reef open his door – pull him partially from the wreckage and pinion his head between pillar and post as the other 3 scrum-aged against the VEHICLE DOOR – releasing fluid into the brain cavity.

Much of this was re countered to Police as they garnered a statement which might explain the events leading up to finding the very-same individuals lying partially decapitated at Cliff-base on the Peninsula Road. The prevailing wisdom was that 4-out-of-apprentceship panel-beaters had spent every cent ever earned on a petro-chariot that had no answers.


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