POKIES Profit Syndicate discovered

A syndicate which has mastered away to counter the ODDS offered by the Pokie machines which operate in malignant proportions across the Australian hospitality landscape – has been linked to this BUNKER in city Brisbane.

Roy X representing the clandestine group, maintains the pokie-beating tactics are the direct result of hours spent on a competition level slate POOL TABLE in a state of terrestrial euphoria.

Their claim of an 87% win ratio on all bets made has meant the use of disguises when applying the craft in local water-holes – on a recent gambit the team did a stealth job dressed as out-of-work soccer coaches. The payout was so large the other players were flushed out and the badly lit area was barricaded from further activity.

The group now becoming darlings of the UNDER-CLASS are exporting their skills into other urban centres – targeting the windfall districts of Western Sydney. In a recent backroom setting – people who had lost-the-lot were brought up to speed on electro-digital manipulation and chinese number prediction.

Today a press conference by the Real Estate Leasing Industry has sighted the POOL-TABLE group as taking the fun out of going out. It has been revealed the industry spokesman in question has elementary shares in a RSL – located in a suburb where no-one has the money to get their teeth fixed.


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