Lovestruck Local Man to Marry Cocaine Cassie in Secret Sunshine Coast Ceremony

A Brisbane Man has written to Aussie drug mule Cassie Sainsbury to ask for her hand in marriage.

The local Casanova sent the surprise love letter to Colombia’s El Buen Pastor Prison, where Ms Sainsbury is currently serving a six year sentence for attempting to smuggle 5.8kg of cocaine from Bogota Airport.

“It’s true love,” declared Trevor, 41, from Aspley, who asked that his surname not be published as he is yet to inform his elderly parents of his impending nuptials.

“I got the idea from that Mad Ron bloke, who first helped Schapelle Corby when she got into her spot of bother,” said Trevor, who is currently scouring the Sunshine Coast hinterland for a suitably exotic and romantic wedding venue,

The Suburban Fizza has it on good authority that Wattakints Resort near Coochin Creek has already taken a deposit for the special celebration, strictly conditional upon Ms Sainsbury achieving an early release before 2023.

A resort staff member said the guest list included several high profile current and former rugby players, as well as federal politicians and mining dignitaries.

The Groom in waiting said that Ms Sainsbury exemplified the qualities he was looking for in a life partner. “She has shown dignity and a real strength of character, which is exactly what I have been looking for in a wife.”

The lovestruck white knight did concede that Ms Sainsbury was yet to reply to his marriage proposal, but that he expected to hear from her “any day now.”



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