The Official Definition of a PUGG has been upgraded . .

The term “PUGG” has arrived in the SLANG DICTIONARY here at THE FIZZA. It refers to individuals or groups characterised as petulant “Millennials” in expensive active wear who breakdown in European cars outside the gym to which their membership applies.

This phenomena – not so long ago absent from our urban reality – is born out of an intellectual vacuum and lack of self reflection infecting the nation says Thomas Blackenschucter from the INSTITUTE OF VOYEUR INFLUENCE. We further  learn that people are now so into “THE ME” that vibrating success and potency is like taking a shit.

Just minutes after this on-road location quick-shot THE PUGG was seen entering an adjacent hotel and berating an early-starter-onlooker into waiting on road with JAG for road-assist – while she attended her class.

 As she pulsated into the gym complex a sickening thud was heard – when a “slick-Leo-Maserati” caught THE DRUNK hurling him and his discombobulated knee skyward into the terracotta beer garden.

As the European wheels – the Police – the Ambo’s – the crushed drunk – the ROAD-ASSIST and the onlookers ended the morning scene – “THE PUGG” lay oblivious whilst Germaine was relieving a knot in her butt-ox.

The term PUGG also applies to gratuitous massage lacking empathy for drunks.


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