1 Billboard – outside Nerang Heights, Gold Coast

OCEAN VIEWS ESTATE – “Get your piece of it” – was how the billboard read for residents and commuters traversing the feeder arterial-s of The Gold Coast.

For Tasmanian Trevor and his wife Susan the experience was different – they needed out of the impoverished West Coast  – and their nephew had sms-ed a photo of the BILLBOARD with it’s call-to-action.

They rang the number. Enzo picked up. Enzo had done it hard on the “Goldie” since his family lost face losing money in a chain of fried chicken outlets. Enzo was making amends. He had his first lowered Mercedes and “flogging ocean views” was his birthright.

Enzo said “pleased to hear you Trevor – sorry you can’t fly up but if you miss this last block you’ll probably feel like killing yourself. When i stand on the land I can feel the OCEAN like I’m receiving a Norwegian mountain wash”.

“I don’t normally ask but can you pay a 50% deposit online today – the estate is being bought up around me”.

Trevor thought Norway remindered him of Tassie and went online.

4 weeks later after settlement – Trevor and Susan stood on their block in Nerang Heights looking at a spray painted version of Main Beach on the blockwall housing Stavros Wrecking.

Enzo could not be reached on his cell. They rang head office and spoke to Muriel – apparently Enzo had consolidated his commissions and had now setup independently as OFS – OCEAN FINANCIAL SERVICES operating out of VANUATO.


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