Sex traffickers SQUASHED

New N.S.W’s Laws put into effect this week – have guaranteed mandated industrial rights to the states sex-workers. A move which has angered the NORTH-SHORE is seen by those in the game as liberation.

The trafficking of women from impoverished villages in LAOS into prostitution networks in Sydney took a backward step today. The legislation writ-large is designed to break “the pimp / worker” nexus – bringing gst into the mix.

In the field – “The Fizza” arrived at a backstreet house in Newtown – leased by The librarians of LAOS – a city-wide front for a franchised group bringing in workers under 457 provisions to work NOODLE-BARS.

In a squalid area off-set from the dilapidated archway entrance in Newtown – a heated argument between management and workforce was audible upon approach.

Later that night our reporter who lay in waited-silence – from a hipster bar with a view of The Library – followed some “shifties” with carpet-snake-tattoos on an ambling bus trip to the container-park.

Once inside it became easy to get lost – coming into a noisy – floodlit area out of the container-alley – a traumatic scene was underway.

A container had let go on one side of a crane lift 50 metres above the ground. 3 buses with tours of Sydney insignia’s were laden with innocent new arrivals all gasping as the final steel cable frayed.

As our reporter got ready to vanish – a squelch of body fluids oozed from under – and a fragmented limb with a management tattoo in tack lay visible for anyone hanging around.


container fail