why is Oprah sucking wax from Weinstein’s ear

. . Winfrey in a lurid moment of buddy-relations in the ivory bubble was captured in what is thought to be -” a-wax-sucking-moment” as Weinstein with his thumb up her arse is believed to have mouthed the words – “the script is in the mail”.

An un-identifiable source believes what we have here is the top-echelons of a UGLY-CLUB-WITH-IMPUNITY and one which is starting to crumble into the bleaches. This could be the HIGH-Priest’s serving up movie rolls like confetti while STARLETS cannibalise themselves in the snake-pit.

It is also believed that following this interlude – THE-UGLY-CLUB migrated to a Los Angeles Steam-house where rejected auditionees applied soapy-suds to the sphincter and scrotum of Weinstein while Winfrey read lines for the new role of “PUMPKIN” in Ghetto-slaves.

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