Media Release – Nov 2019

Suburbia Suburbia is a hard edged Rock Blues 6 piece outfit from the East Coast of Australia.

The players are all long time professionals coming from a multitude of different acts over the last 30 years centred in Sydney, Brisbane, Toowoomba and The Gold Coast.

The name of the band traces a desire to deal with contemporary social issues in a satirical context. There is allegory and irony in the writing which befits focus on everyday individuals and situations. This is an attempt to move beyond the whimsical often encapsulated in song the report on the ‘un-remarkable’.

The act itself writes original songs which are performed with a high level of intensity and energy, and provide the listening audience with strong get off-ya-bum grooves and melody.

The band is a self managed operation and is particularly interested in Country/Regional gigs and festivals at the moment. If you think our sound and presentation would suit your venue or festival we welcome your contact and will respond accordingly.


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