Man turns to ACDC to understand what is happening in the world

To the naked eye this looks like a photo of the inside of a pleb-carrier . . lets say from the outset . . this is a human story.

We at the Suburban FIZZA felt compelled to share this blurry motif, sent in by a disenfranchised reader and ex-telco worker- indicating that rather than face the day – this man had ACDC cranked within the confines while the greater-world operated above ground.

This theme is all to common place in what we suspect is a photo generated from within a government dept. bunker park – as punters and commoners contemplate the future-LOST.

We have evidence that the track being played was “DOG EAT DOG” – the 70’s classic which takes a CHAIN-SAW to corporatism-buried-beneath as this man sought refuge in the purity of skeptical-ROCK.

We also understand since the photo was submitted he has refused to take off the headphones at home and has recoiled into a transcendental state oblivious to domestic home care and fridge-magnet-list-n-tasks.

All we can add at THE FIZZA – is “GIVE THE MAN A BONE” – inspiration of this kind doesn’t come cheap and he goes into the barrel for a REAL BOTTLE OF ACDC EAU-DE-COLOGNE submitted by a steel fixer from Caboolture in Queensland – an area which knows the way to Bribie.


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