A million dollars found in ACDC Lane

A chance photo of an image in ACDC Lane Melbourne Australia has resulted in an Ice addict from Ballarat – almost achieving a $1,000,000 windfall from a mysterious benefactor.

The addict known as Clifton X – was staggering towards a hookup through ACDC Lne and took an accidental photo with his only possession of some WALL-ART. On the train back to Ballarat he realised the photo had a curious symbol which had also appeared in the Suburban Daily – as an Ad for rehabilitation.

Feeling better after a night on the Glass-BBQ – Clifton who was a honors student in linguistics before falling-foul realised the symbol in question was Aboriginal-Yungulla in origin. It had a heavily spiritual connotation leading the rightful interpreter to a place which would provide everlasting happiness.

The drama was that Yungulla tribal law suggests that the ephogy while it looked like a burn-out leafless eucolypt actually points to a particular individual of influence whose identity and where-abouts is encoded within the form. Yungulla law further stipulated Provider-of-the-Light will be found 12,035 steps north-west of the symbol at 12:45 pm.

Clifton returned to ACDC Lane ready to pace out the steps. On arrival an arm came from the darkness and tethered him into analcove – it was Trevor. Within seconds Trevor and Clifton were high. They staggered out the steps together – after 47 false starts they downloaded a pedometer and a compass.

They smelt putrid as B O and sweat woffed about. At 11,756 steps they entered the glass sliders fronting Foundation of the Working Poor. Staying true despite the need for a pipe they had arrived in a lino-ed waiting area. An industrial lift door opened and out stepped Barry X – an Aboriginal elder recognisable all over the media for acts of responsibility based financial kindness and a shrunken Angus Young outfit he insisted on wearing.

His help offer included a MILL put in trust if Clifton and friend could deliver ACDC lane addicts to a new program teaching Acca Dacca riffs on Kazoo. Playing Whole Lotta Rosie on Kazoo had stopped whole outback communities from USING in spectacular fashion- brothers and sisters BINNING PIPES – FLUSHING GEAR and signing up for UNI.