50 year search for a family finally over

This week we put a human face to THE FIZZA . . we go deep into the lugubrious of a family torn-apart. A 50 year search for a missing artifact lost in the permafrost of Australia’s Snowy Mountain project.

As family’s pored out of Europe in the 50’s seeking work in a world free from the stench of war and where nationalities blended – one such family had scrimped its way into the icy-huts up the mountain with a handful of possessions and a frontier work-ethic.

After a short movie evening in the CAMP common area – the fledgling family returned to find the cornerstone of their existence had vanished. Snowy-life, thought of as embryonic multi-culture-ism in action – did not explain the absence which was to create a 50 year longing – one finally resolved in downtown Toowong.

Jumping from that time . . THE FIZZA’s main-desk has been alight with well-wishers. Many in support – after the younger brother of the traumatised family had spent the best part of his life on the mission. In which finally exhausted he had come to The FIZZA for investigative help.

At that point a word with the accounts dept. had top-flighters into the field – as this human story gathered an essence unparalleled.

A year of unrelenting journalism had the breakthrough the family had never known.

And there it was “the Airing Horse” – sturdy – solid and upright – still in one piece ready for some threadbare cotton garments from some sweat-shop.


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