Rainbow wedding traumatised by western suburbs splinter group

A 3-way Rainbow wedding party collective was traumatised on Sydney Northshore this week, on the cusp of legalised same-sex marriage when a splinter group of NO-Campaigners crashed the well-healed event.

As the story broke a Western Suburbs Cake Shop Owner was confronted by a Rainbow-backlash which accused him of supplying the BIG HOLLOW CAKE that allowed the aggressive NO-GROUP to enter undetected – into the lush grounds of a HISTORIC HOME TO MAR THE EVENT.

Sources claim 4 men the size of jockey’s dressed-in-camo dispelled from the cake seconds before the 3 rainbows were set to confirm their vows. They then through the celebrant into the CAKE-ICING as party guests ran for the gravel driveway. Police are still investigating.