Push Bike activists accused of murder

Some riders in Bayside Melb have taken to extreme messages to secure the legacy and rights of 2 wheels and no-motor.

In an unusual turn-of-events – a 5 sec whistle-blower video sent to Police – captures the last moments of a bizarre attack where a rider appears to use a telescopic handheld protrusion similar to a camera stand – and drives it through the open window and sunglasses of a land cruiser driver. The attacker who fled down a well-healed alley way in Black Rock was seen entering an address soon to be staked-out by a fervent constablurary.

On a sunny Sunday – 2 plain-clothes followed the protagonist to an off-street cafe in Brighton where approximately 57 riders had gathered ready-to-ride.

The bike swarm using a rehearsed technique surrounded a SUV as they careered down the dual-lane around a precarious cliff-face elbow.

The Police held out from interceding by the swarm rear guard remained helpless as a masked rider mounted the SUV running board – swung into the passenger seat – while ripping the hands from the wheel appeared to break the drivers fingers.

In a dramatic turn the vehicle was guided towards the cliff-face as the rider alighted saddle at speed.

As the men in blue lost sight of the protagonist – their main concern became the burning wreckage mangled in the rocks below.

Pathology arrived and with rubber gloves and tweezers removed partially parched fragments of a bumper sticker from the forehead of the singed body. It was another calling-card from “riders for total eradication of 4-wheel drives”.


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