Bluesfest 2018 – the Artists AND the dunnies

Last Friday we went straight into the bowels of Bluesfest 2018 at Tyagarah Tea Tree Farm ready for LIFESTYLE.

A ready-for-action refreshment area with all the reality of a bar had us seated ready to wind into a FULL PROGRAM.

After a mixture of KRAFT BEERS i needed a long piss. After entering the toilet system on the CROSSROADS turf – i slipped in mud seeking to bend around a relieved punter. As i did in close proximity to the TROUGH – i went SNOUT first into the POOLING end where all the piss sits waiting to gurgle down the pipe. The smell released into the air and FESTIVAL RELIEVER’S couldn’t get out fast enough.

A large punter took out the legs of another in the skirmish. At the same time i could feel an intense burning of the left nostril.

Also at almost that very moment a cubicle door swung open and collected “OL MATE” on the side of the head sending him down.

Back at the bar everyone was telling me I smelt like piss. I said i couldn’t find soap in the dunny. When i went to buy “a-round” the staff said i smelt like piss.

Later on that night when everyone was getting trampled at the penultimate event – Robert Plant and The Sensational Space Shifters I had an area around me with plenty of ROOM.



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