Backyard Cricket vOTED #nO.1 in extensive survey

A recent casestudy conducted in the bowels of Stones Corner, Brisbane – a suburb with a rich tapestry of suppressed aggression and immigrant tension – has bolstered the claim that Backyard Cricket is the No.1 non-formal activity within the country today.

In an exhaustive study monitoring a range of human flavours over a 5 year span – the trial set about quantifying participation. The core test group while flexible at the margins were hand picked for being able to play in perfunctory and abnormal conditions.

A number of interviewee’s put forward the premise that the tight rules and athleticism was helping in creative ways around their particular domestic setting and with enhanced driving outcomes.

At the time of interview it was noted that an argument had erupted, over team-selection-number-balls ending up in a VAT of warm Peroni – as 1 player traversed the pitch reciting the constitution.

In memory of the Aboriginals slaughtered on Coopooroo Hill in 1843 – this microcosm of activity will be playing its part in the medication of a Nation come the 26th.