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Iconic restaurant caught up in punter-scam

. . Burpengary man – last seen at the “El Ranch” Lawn Mowing service is linked to the SCALPING of night-out dining tickets at one of Brisbane’s iconic restaurants. Around 180 people from Brisbane’s northern-belt have purchased the tickets for Friday and Saturday nights overlooking the picturesque west bank. One of the hood-winked – Gary […]

Electric Car driver bashed by YOBS

Known to his friends as ” screw-driver” – Gary from Greensborough had worked 3 jobs – some tax-free in order to achieve his dream of a TESLA p100. He took delivery on a day when the sun was shining and his spirit was bold when he gave “THE FORKS” to 5 7/11’s as he glided […]

3 dAYTIME Drinkers defy WORK ORDERS

Nestled squarely into the Newstead-end of Fortitude Valley – these 3 drinkers were ardent about their right to get-pissed during the day. As we approached the interview from the southern end of the street we saw – the larger of the 3 antagonists was confronting a rock-n-roll bottom-feeder. Apparently he had a foot up on […]

Backyard Cricket vOTED #nO.1 in extensive survey

A recent casestudy conducted in the bowels of Stones Corner, Brisbane – a suburb with a rich tapestry of suppressed aggression and immigrant tension – has bolstered the claim that Backyard Cricket is the No.1 non-formal activity within the country today. In an exhaustive study monitoring a range of human flavours over a 5 year […]

Australia Day Celebrations in tatters – leaked document reveals the historical slur of Australia Day

As the 26th. of January beckons – a stark Sculpture from sender-unknown – arrived on the steps of parliament house in Canberra – portraying an Aboriginal in the 50’s lying in a dry paddock being speared through “THE GUTS”. A Tasmanian senator has lashed out – decrying the Artpiece as ” a sick” distortion of […]