Sinbad the grease merchant jailed . .

Perennial virgin oil trader “Sinbad” – who started Australia’s first grease empire from humble beginnings in Park Ridge has been jailed for a 30 year dispensation of excriment into near-by waterways. Detection and conviction had become a real possibility after a family camping in a remote esturary on a sandy knoll overnight were awoken by […]

A million dollars found in ACDC Lane

A chance photo of an image in ACDC Lane Melbourne Australia has resulted in an Ice addict from Ballarat – almost achieving a $1,000,000 windfall from a mysterious benefactor. The addict known as Clifton X – was staggering towards a hookup through ACDC Lne and took an accidental photo with his only possession of some […]

50 year search for a family finally over

This week we put a human face to THE FIZZA . . we go deep into the lugubrious of a family torn-apart. A 50 year search for a missing artifact lost in the permafrost of Australia’s Snowy Mountain project. As family’s pored out of Europe in the 50’s seeking work in a world free from […]

Craig Barman – Promoter/Manager/Journalist   “Timeless and punchy Oz Rock with a genuine blues swagger. Suburbia Suburbia recall the feel of sticky carpets and acres of crushed beer cans underfoot. “   Review:- In the Fridge Vol1   Richard Cartwright – Writer / Producer  “Four on the floor….” (this was on an email I […]