Craig Barman – Promoter/Manager/Journalist


“Timeless and punchy Oz Rock with a genuine blues swagger. Suburbia Suburbia recall the feel of sticky carpets and acres of crushed beer cans underfoot. “


Review:- In the Fridge Vol1


Richard Cartwright – Writer / Producer 

“Four on the floor….” (this was on an email I sent to you Noel)


Dutchie – Fuckwit

Hey geezer forgive the delay – bit of an anthem – a good thing – and reminds me of cult riffs in their heyday  – awesome live material be great as an opener hearing that first big lyric groping out of a black stage – it good mate – got all the elements polished with just enough rawness to make it cool – fun toe tapper but a big rock sound – like it a lot


Brett HuntSinger Songwriter

Faaark This is how you rock!

Production is outstanding. Just gave my new Bose headphones a proper workout. Love the stereo mixing on the guitars gives the band real width. Vox dead centre give the whole vibe of a band in the room.


They say great Rock and Roll is born of controversy and vice. 


They say it’s born from three chords and the truth in a some dads garage with dirty strings and even dirtier amps. 


The question is, what happens when what is born, matures.


The answer is Ten pound hammer by Suburbiasuburbia 


There’s no clever metaphors of ageing like wine here. It’s more like a worn in Marshall quad box that sings as it it should. And that is loud ladies and gentlemen. Really really loud. 


This is Australian rock and roll at its absolute best. 


Loud with attitude. 


Let there be no mistake. These are accomplished musicians. The art of good rock is to make it seem easy. From the driving rhythm section, the screaming harmonica pleading for justice, the tight and tasteful guitars filling the space and the story teller vocalist laying down the law of the suburban jungle. No holds barred. Telling it as it is. Like a boss.


Ian Brown – Audio Engineer

A fucking great riff. Rocking little song, Mix is almost there. Just tad more punch down there would really fill it out. Happy new year mate and yes lets catch up. Cheers


John Kenny – Music Lawyer

Crackerjack lyric, vocal & rhythm section. Top class production – I love everything about it – you guys have made great strides, congratulations Noel 🎯Certainly need/deserve a trademark for that Magnificent brand


Colin Baldwin – Lighting Director/ Event Manager

Great track. Awesome guitar sound, reminds me of the Angels and AC/DC.


Tony Conlon – Artist Manager Agent:- 10Lb Hammer is 20Lb of slick driving blues rock with a hint of the early rhythm that made AC/DC famous. Loved it. Look forward to future offerings from this great new act.


Helen O’Callahan – Punter… “We think Noiseworks and AC/DC… love it”


David Quinn – Audio Engineer

Responded as only he can… Interpreted as a single edit of his comments “He thought it was Great”…lol


Great Mate! 2.5mins too long for a single. You should do a single edit.  Say hi to Steve and Ian. Happy New Year😎😎


Richard Cartwright

Well, well, well… felt like I was taking a trip back to the Powerage era.

Solid riffing guitars and a driving beat that hooks – right out of the M.Young playbook.

For mine, I’d like 1/2  to a full dB up on the vocal, just a personal choice.

Can hear Steve James fingerprints all over the production. Very good.

Tight and professional musicianship.

10lb hammer very Aussie and colloquial.

However, I still think the genre could travel beyond these shores.

This is a good calling card and does get ones attention. I’m sure there’s more of this to come and imagine is well received in a live environment.